What Type of Insurance Should You Get When Living in the Philippines?


09 August 2017

Being wise about your money is not just about saving pennies for a rainy day, it’s also about protecting your assets for the future. As a working professional, your biggest asset is yourself. Without a healthy body and an active mind, you won’t be able to work and generate an income for yourself.

If you’ve been working for quite a while now, it’s safe to assume that you’ve accumulated some assets in your lifetime. Protecting them through specialized types of insurance plans can help you maintain their value and protect your money.

In the Philippines, we have several types of insurance plans available. We will be discussing the three main types today to help you decide which one is best suited for your needs and financial goals.

Investing on Yourself Through Life Insurance

As mentioned earlier, a working professional’s best asset is himself. After spending years and years on back breaking work, you’d want to give yourself a chance at a more comfortable life during your retirement.

 A working professional in his or her early 20s can highly benefit from the immense monetary reward of investing on life insurance as early as possible. Consistently setting aside money for the future as early as now can help you achieve financial freedom a lot sooner than you think.

 The key to owning a life insurance plan is consistency and discipline. If you want earn high returns through interest rates, you have to be consistent in setting aside money on a monthly basis.


Protecting Your Well Being Through Health Insurance 


Health issues strike when you least expect it, and most of the time we aren’t financially prepared to cover for all the necessary medical treatments.

Investing on health insurance assures that you get the proper treatment you deserve and need without compromises. You no longer have to worry about leaving the financial burden on friends and family because you’re smart enough to begin saving for it long before you got sick.

“Health issues strike when you least expect it, and most of the time we aren’t financially prepared to cover for all the necessary medical treatments.”

Preparing for the Worst Through Car Insurance 


You can be the most careful driver on the road but at some point or another you’ll eventually meet misfortune on the road. A car accident can put your life at risk and can cause serious damages on your vehicle, which can be costly to repair.

 A car accident is a harrowing ordeal on its own. You wouldn’t want to be left with piles and piles of medical bills and repair expenses as soon as you get out of the hospital.

 Investing on a comprehensive car insurance will take care of all of that so you can focus on getting back on your feet at your own pace.

 Find out which among the three types of insurance plans discussed here today works best for you and your needs by booking an appointment with our financial life advisor today. He will make a thorough assessment of your current financial standing and integrate your long term goals to an insurance plan that works best for you.


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